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Sam Oyugi Solutions LTD offers a professional web designing & developing that is affordable designing services. The website developing services offered by us empower individuals, teams and organizations, small & medium businesses in the most efficient manner. Choose us to get high performance and customizable websites and for maximum business efficiency. We got your back, worry no more because we are here for you.

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Business/Corporate Websites

A business site is any site that is committed to depicting a particular business. It ought to be branded like the company (a similar logo and positioning) and convey the sorts of items as well as services the company/ business offers. At this point, each company out there, whether big or small, ought to have a site. It’s the need of the hour. Each potential client you come across will simply expect that in the event that they Google your business searching for more data, they’ll discover a site. What’s more, in case they don’t, it makes the business look less professional or legitimate.

NGO /Non-Profit Websites

Just like brands and businesses, Non –profit organizations  and NGOs also require a website. Similarly that organizations need sites to be their online nearness, not-for-profits do too. A nonprofit website is the most straightforward path for some potential contributors to give donations and to know more about an Organization to make their mind about whether or not will they make the donation. On the off chance that you are thinking about beginning an NGO, at that point assembling a site for your association is an essential advance in demonstrating your authenticity and contacting more individuals. You can utilize it to advance the ventures your association handles, urge devotees to make a move, and for accepting donations.

E-Commerce Websites

The websites where users can shop and makes purchases are called E-Commerce Websites. All of would have used these sites a myriad of times, and they have become a must-have for every selling business. With the advancement in website development technology, it has become relatively easy to build an E-Commerce site and start selling.

Educational Websites

The sites of educational institutions and those providing online courses fall into the class of educational sites. These sites have the essential objective of either giving study materials to visitors or giving data on an educational institutions to them. Ordinarily, a knowledge base feature will be incorporated as a piece of online tools

Portfolio Website

Portfolio Websites are great for showcasing your work; everyone for  photographers to models are utilizing such sites to flaunt their work to potential clients. Essentially utilized by those in the creative business, a portfolio site can be utilized like a CV, showing your abilities so as to dazzle customers, clients, or future prospects. 
To assemble a noteworthy portfolio that enables your work to stick out, you need a powerful website


Blogs have been a most loved and preferred choice of websites for individuals and families who wish to archive the huge events of their lives, for example, weddings, babies or their precious moments. Nowadays, the cutting option; blogging has gotten on the high tide and has become incredibly well known. Blogs are also great for presenting your personal style, sharing your favourite recipes or showcasing your hobbies or anything in that case to the world. Blogs are normally updated habitually, and more seasoned posts can be seen through archives.

We hope that you have gained important information about the same, which would help you choose the right one for your business.  With the current technological development, it’s workable for pretty much anybody to construct any kind of site. The key is calculating your site prerequisites and arranging them according to a device with which you feel good. Getting a website is simple, with the ideal individual or association structuring it for you; you can accomplish more by selling your business thoughts. Not just startups, but also established corporate have the benefit of picking the kind of site that is appropriate for them viewing expenses of facilitating just as accessibility on web search tools.