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For most businesses and even homes, internet access is just as important as their other utilities. Most businesses use internet access for everything for customer communication. Without internet access, some businesses simply can’t operate. In addition to business needs, an increasing amount of home users are using the internet as their primary source of entertainment. This is due to the growth of video streaming services and social media.

At Sam Oyugi Solutions we RE-SELL reliable internet at a very affordable prices, making sure you are connected at all times, we reach to them who are not reached in places that other ISPs can not reach because of obstacles like big tress, buildings etc. We always want to promote and empower your business or homes so that you are able to achieve all your goals.

At SoS Kisumu, we consider a number of factors that could be major issues that may not lift small businesses or organizations to raise up to higher levels, and this we have brought a solution to your door steps:

  1. Cost of the internet – Very affordable
  2. Reliability – Very reliable
  3. Availability – We cover areas where no other ISP can cover
  4. Speed – Our speeds are amazing always!
  5. Support-Available 24/7

Get Started

  1. Book for a site survey(free of charge) if your site/location is visible to our BsT, then….
  2. Pay for installation fee (see above flyer)
  3. Be available when our technicians will be doing the installation
  4. Settle on a monthly package that suites your usage.
  5. incase of any issues, our technicians are available 24/7.