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Sam Oyugi Solutions Ltd offer a range of services available for you to select from
according to your own needs and requirements. We also offer bespoke services
tailored to your specific desires. We gain a great sense of pleasure from
helping our clients to achieve their dream day and client satisfaction is
extremely important to us. Sam Oyugi Solutions Ltd Offers IT/ICT services and
consultancy services to big/small and medium institutions, the services are
tailored to suit clients satisfactions

For most businesses and even homes, internet access is just as important as their other utilities.
Most businesses use internet access for everything for customer
communication. Without internet access, some businesses simply can’t operate.
In addition to business needs, an increasing amount of home users are using the
internet as their primary source of entertainment. This is due to the growth of
video streaming services and social media.

internet Installation

We provide access to the internet for your home and business.

Software Solutions

We provide software solutions to help you level up your business.

Web Solutions

Have your website online in no time.

Home Automation

We help you create smart homes.

cCTV Installations

We provide CCTV solutions for your home and business.


We do networking for your business.


Best Photo Shoots in town.

IT solutions

We provide IT solutions to suite your needs.

Client Testimonials

“From day one we have always recommended you for all your services,we can speak of the Hospital System that has changed our hospital & we are now paperless, good internet & computer maintenance, we’re sincerely grateful.”

Disciples of Mercy
“A testimonial from us is not enough, we can never thank you enough. Your HRMS System was a life changer for us, we have seen positive changes in terms of efficiency, time management and accountability.Kudos.”

Maseno Medical Center
“Our institution is in great debt for what you did in our compound, a clean work envied by other institutions, we thank you for the good LAN installation & good workmanship, we wish you all the best and continue with the good work SOS ltd Team.”

Ukweli Gardens