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Sam Oyugi Solutions Ltd has collaborations with different companies who provide solutions to small and medium businesses, organizations NGos etc. this has led to more innovation, efficient processes, increased success, and improved communication, all in solving problems and challenges for all enterprises.

Uwezo Connect powered by Silmatix Networks established in 2017 by an engineer who’s passion is to help and reach out to people/students who find it difficult to afford paying for a better, reliable and fast internet connectivity. With this project he decided to meet the cost for internet connectivity by paying half and the students paying half so as to get connected.

Sam Oyugi Solutions Ltd came in to support this noble course by doing LAN(Local Area Network) installation and also offer technical support to this whole project. As a result, many students are connected to fast, reliable and affordable connectivity to further their studies and achieve their dreams

IPBX Systems

*astTECS team is comprised of industry experts in Unified Communication, operation, marketing & sales including two Tech-Savvy promoters from Germany, Mr Jorg Scholz and Mr Christian Negrutiu, who have got many years of experience in the Telecommunication industry. The team has vast experience in open source VoIP solutions and committed to develop world class enterprise communication solutions.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, *astTECS is an industry leader in end-to-end unified communication and enterprise mobility products based on Open Source Technology. Established in 2007 with a vision “To revolutionize the Global Unified Communication market with Open Source Technology.”

*astTECS provides a complete suite of Enterprise Telecom Products, both premise and cloud-based solutions. The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and follows strict quality management measures with 24/7 Global Support across the Globe. *astTECS is the first Open Source Company to get the TEC certification on IP PBX products as per Govt. Policy (TEC/10/2018-TC specifies compulsory certification from 01.09.2019). *astTECS has grown and spread across the globe with 4500+ customers in 30+ countries with its strong network of partners and is constantly growing its presence.