Sam Oyugi Solutions

At Sam Oyugi Solutions, Photography & Videography means a lot for us, we take pride in best & quality results in various occasions such as, wedding ceremonies, graduation parties and ceremonies, birthday parties, events, business promotions,funeral services, product branding & promo and many more. We value our clients and hence quick results and quality service is all we can wrap up and present to our valued clients.

Sam Oyugi Solutions offer a range of services available for you to select from according to your own needs and requirements. We also offer bespoke services tailored to your specific desires. We gain a great sense of pleasure from helping our clients to achieve their dream day and client satisfaction is extremely important to us

Having your day filmed well and professionally lays ground for excellent editing. We consider all details, from colors to audio quality. Creating a highlight, feature, or full documentary from the ceremony to the reception, which could include interviews, bride and groom getting prepared, speeches, and any other happenings will make your memory of your special day a true treasure.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion that involves many people including close family and friends and it requires proper prior planning and if possible rehearsals before the main occasion with the whole team involved on planning so as not to fail in in the main event. Our team is well equipped and with photography skills doing what they love as they operate within there talents and God given gifts.

We offer the best shooting experience as we follow the vision and help fulfill the vision of our clients give as a call soon.